Canoe with signatures opposing sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota

This canoe is being signed by thousands of people who oppose sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota. Dave and Amy Freeman will paddle and sail  from Ely, MN to Washington, DC in the fall of 2014 to deliver this canoe to the White House.

The proposed sulfide mines in Northeastern Minnesota threaten the clean water, pristine lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands that support a rich diversity of wildlife, as well as the livelihood of the 18,000 people who work in the thriving recreation and tourism industry in Northern Minnesota.

Our jobs and our way of life are at risk and we are fighting back the only way we know how. We are traveling by water from Ely, Minnesota to the Washington DC to tell our story to everyone who will listen.

We don’t  have deep pockets or a marketing machine like the mining companies. We are relying on you to help us spread the word and tell your friends.  Educate yourself and your friends about sulfide mining and call your elected officials. Call them all and call them often– they need to hear from you. This is just the beginning and we need your help. Learn how you can get involved today!

Paddles Up!

Dave and Amy Freeman

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  1. Andrew Reply

    I love your planned journey! And I signed that canoe in Ely a couple months back. So happy you are doing such a fantastic job of educating and publicizing! Great video illustration of the flow of contaminated water both north to Hudson Bay and east to the Great Lakes. And also, great video depiction of just how close the test drilling is to the BWCA. These both really help show why sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota is such a bad idea.

    • Reply

      I am glad you enjoyed the video. I hope that you will help us share with your network of friends. We need more people to understand the threats that sulfide ore mining pose for Minnesota.

    • Reply

      Thanks Andrew. I hope that you will help us spread the word about threats that sulfide mining and Paddle to DC. I am glad that you were able to sign the canoe and visit Sustainable Ely, I hope that you will visit Sustainable Ely the next time you are in the area and see what is new. There are a lot of exciting things going on.

  2. Keith Blomstrom Reply

    I work with, The Minnesota Conservation Federation,
    we work at the state capitol.
    I also lobby for The National Wildlife Federation in D.C.

    • Dave Freeman Reply

      My email is We would love to look for ways to get you as well as the Minnesota Conservation Federation involved in Paddle to DC.

  3. Chris Stec Reply

    ACA will be glad to assist in this effort.

  4. Mary Reply

    Great video! I signed one of the paddles here in the Twin Cities and am looking forward to following your journey to D.C. Count on me to do what I can to help stop sulfide mining in northeastern Minnesota. I don’t have deep pockets either, but I have a voice, which I plan to use.

  5. Gary Clements Reply

    Our names are on the canoe, and we spent time volunteering in the Sustainable Ely house last summer. Our hearts will be with you as you travel!
    Jane and Gary

    • Reply

      Thanks Gary! I hope that you can continue to volunteer at Sustainable Ely, they are doing good work. Thanks for signing the canoe! Please tell your friends about this issue and our paddle to DC and encourage them to stop in and sign the canoe as well.

  6. Julie Stryker Reply

    I am from Madeline Island in the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. We too are fighting to keep the proposed largest iron ore mine from being dug in the Penokee Mountains adjacent to the lake. It would destroy everything that we hold dear. Thank you for your journey to convey the all important message for the water, earth and creatures we need for the future generations of this beautiful area!

  7. Stephen Jay Reply

    Marvelous presentation Dave and Amy. Godspeed in your journey from Ely to Washington. You carry a message supported by science, wisdom, experience, common sense and public opinion. Our cabin on S. Kawishiwi is within hearing range of mining companies test drilling sites and only a modest portage distance from BWCA. We wish you the best for obvious reasons! SJ

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